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There’s a room where the light won’t find you
Holding hands while the walls come tumbling down
When they do I’ll be right behind you

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five-in-one said:
"That wasn’t true. Made it up. Shouldn’t have done. Sorry."




"And why exactly did you make that up?”


"I’m not sure I’d call it a reward for our professionalism if we have to go deal with the pop star having an early 2000’s grunge-goth phase a decade late."

"Yes, like you’re the expert on…well, any of that."

"Oh come on, we all agreed she looks like a cry for help wrapped in an unfortunate turtleneck dress. This is as helpful as I get."

"Then let us call it a challenge to your professionalism - Something to save you from having to make stories up out of boredom. Besides, Alison’s choices of outfit were never particularly suiting to begin with. This might just be an improvement.” 

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She scoffed at the remark about braiding each other’s hair, and rolled her eyes, “I think I’ll leave that to you and the Cuckoos. Or was it you and Jean, now?” She regretted the words as soon as they were out of her mouth. As weird as it was, Emma’s impromptu friendship with Jean was going to help the redhead a lot, both in learning to control her powers and helping her adjust better to the world she had found. And Kitty was grateful for that — if silently. She wouldn’t be able to do for Jean what Emma could, and she would hate it if a snarky comment ended whatever fragile relation the two had started. She hoped she was right in thinking Emma wouldn’t take it to heart. “And it wasn’t a challenge. Just a suggestion. But if you’re not against the idea, I would take great pleasure in kicking your tuchas. And recording the entire thing for the students’ education, of course.” Again, it was something she was very unlikely to do, but she wanted so badly to see the blood drain out of Emma’s face, she couldn’t help herself. She’d feel guilty about it later, but right now she was tired and confused and Emma was receiving the brunt of it.

She still hated that she knew about Illyana enough to bring up their even more private lives. She prickled, “You don’t know Illyana well enough to have any idea about what she would and would not like. And you definitely don’t get to butt into our relationship. Especially when yours isn’t going so well.”

Shit. She had so not meant to say that.


Her lips thinned ever so slightly at the mention of the redhead. “Yes. Me and Jean. I suppose you will agree my relationship with the Cuckoos is hardly what one would call friendly, though I suppose you always did go for cheap comments revealing how very little you understood of other people.” The words seemed detached, but there was an unmistakable sharpness to her voice, an edge that would probably always be there when it came to matters having to do with Jean Grey – The one they had now or the other. Her relation with the Stepford Cuckoos was far too complicated as it was without the need for it to be explained and as for Jean – Emma owed no explanation to Kitty whatsoever on that matter, and would not fall into the easy trap of trying to be understood. She did not care about understanding – It was perhaps one of the most plain, insulting things in life, and the blonde refused to see herself reduced that way, much less willingly. So the shaky new common grounds she had found with Jean would remain her own to observe and analyze. She still did not like the redhead per se – But then again some of the people she had called her greatest friends had been people Emma thoroughly abhorred – but the differences with the Jean she had known and making fun of Scott Summers were enough, for now, to soothe Emma into trying to help her, trying to be more agreeable. “Of course. I am sure Scott would see the educational purpose in your work, dear, especially given how much of a school this actually seems to be. Still why record it when we could do this in front of a live audience? Or are you this scared of me you would rather be able to delete the video of what would ensue?” She had very little chance of winning, if it ever were to happen – And this Emma knew. Still, she would not be the first to back down.   

Especially not when a sour taste filled her mouth at the younger woman’s words because her relationship was not going anywhere at all, and working alongside Scott was not supposed to be this hard – Then again, perhaps this was merely one of the ways her self-blame could express itself, in this rotten and twisted way that forced her to follow her ex-lover into a grand revolution. She’d worked too much not to take a part in that, though – She’d given too much, not merely to Scott Summers as a flawed human being but to him as a leader, a symbol, a dreamer. Maybe she did not approve of him – Maybe she did. Maybe Katherine really should not be messing with such a topic right about now. Emma’s lips thinned a little more, this time in a manner much less sharp, strict than before – An almost malevolent grin as she considered the brunette. “My relationship is non-existent. I highly doubt you would wish to speak of things that do not exist. As for Illyana, well – I am the one that has been in her head. She has shown me some of the deepest, darkest corners of her mind willingly, in a way you can never hope to truly experience with her. It would almost be sad. I say I know just enough about that blonde lover of yours to taunt you or give you unwanted advices, darling. I would even say I know more than you could possibly imagine.” Whether or not this was exaggerated did not matter – What mattered was that it felt believable.   

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     ❝ I guess you’ll just have to trust me, Ms. Frost.

Right.” {she takes the bottle, lets it roll in her hands as she inspects it"You’d better pray this does not ruin my hair, dear.” 

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Send ⁇ for a drunk text

[MSG: Emma Frostie]: habe you eve rnoticaed we hwear matchgng shortsd

[MSG: Emma Frostie]: waht does tatt efven mean Emmam

{text: Illyana Rasputina}: The fact you don’t know is surprisingly telling. And not as amusing as I thought it would be. 

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Your muse breaks into my muse’s room, what do they find? Send me a ❖ and i’ll generate a number between 1 & 20 to find out.

[ withallmypredatorheart ]

She turns away from the mirror that she’s trying on a wedding dress in front of to catch the older blonde just inside the doorway. She looks away immediately, almost like she’s embarrassed, “That door was closed for a reason.”


"What do you want, Emma?” Illyana asks, like distracting Emma with questions about her original reason for barging into her room was really going to take the heat off the dress. She had hope.

"What an unoriginally vague question, darling." She sighed an small but dramatic smile as her eyes never leave Illyana, her smile mocking - victorious -. Whatever was going on here, it felt like having barged on Illyana’s very own little secret. "What I want, right now, is to know what sort of delusional fantasy had you purposefully find and put on a wedding dress. Does Katherine know about these pulsions?”

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"Go big or go home." She chuckled. This conversation was actually nice, despite the whole reason for the hypothetical bubble being so no one could die. There was actual smiling and laughing. And it was nice. "I could grab some… while pulling this stunt. Oh my god, Monet on the teacups… scowling the entire time."

"Right." She grinned, slightly. "Now if only my current students could all understand this concept.” The joking tone was there, but there was more truth in that statement than what Emma was letting on. “Yes. And take an indecent amount of pictures, as well. Especially if you can put her in this one with the dolls and horrendous song.”

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Caught In The Middle


Jean scoffed, her arms folding over her chest as an eyebrow rose dangerously at the other woman. Jean knew she was being entirely unfair to the blonde. Jean did nothing but spark false hope into Scott, only to be evolve past the normal plane of existence time and time again, effectively leaving Cyclops to pick up the pieces yet again. If anything Jean should be grateful Emma was there to help hold him together, he deserved that after everything, but Jean couldn’t help herself. Her heart fluttered every time she saw him and the thought of Emma being with him sparked jealous fury in her. Then again, there was more than just Summers that came between the two women and at the moment with no one else around Jean could be as petty as she damn well pleased.

At Emma’s last glacial words Jean threw her head back, a hearty laugh escaping her lips. “You think you know what real hellfire is?” She had to take a moment to get the belittling giggles out of her system. “If memory serves me right, the last time you came in contact with real fire you screamed for mercy.” The redhead recalled, the tiny taste of the phoenix Emma and the rest were given was nothing in comparison to the power that coursed through Jean’s veins. “But thanks for that, I needed the laugh.” she shook her head.

A smile graced Emma’s lips – an overly sweet, laced with cyanide sort of smile that only announced the worst for whoever was on the receiving end of such a thing. In front of Jean’s crass, horrendous attitude, the blonde still held her head high, eyes cold and unbothered by the laugh of the woman. Jean was right, of course, but probably not in a way she expected and certainly not in the way she meant. The blonde knew hellfire – intimately, in a way no one else would probably never know, but now was not the time to ponder of the scope of this implication or on what it said about her that she felt nothing at all in front of this idea. The last time Emma had been host to the Phoenix, she had been strangled. By Scott. It was something far too complex, a part far too important of their relationship for it to be tainted by Jean’s boorish ignorance – Was this what Jean Grey did, now? She assumed?

A carefully plucked eyebrow arched, her eyes now fixed on the redhead. “But you see, Jean dear, after being as good as dead for the best part of the last decade, your memories get no credit at all on that matter.” Her eyes turned back to her work, then, and she waved a dismissing hand to the redhead. “Still, how perfectly in character for you to lack all class and civility after we welcomed you poor stray into our new home.” The hand she was waving fell back to holding the papers. “I would suggest you leave, now.” Whether she meant the room or the school remained unspoken.

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