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     ❝ Just because I grew up in Limbo
               doesn’t mean I’m into that stuff. 

"And I have far too much dignity to make you pinky swear, which leaves you with two options, dear - Acting like an adult, or a blood oath. Either way I expect to get my hair-dye.” 

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"Duh. C’mon, that’s a given.”  Good coffee was a must. Even for vampires; especially for vampires, given that they have to only rely on the flavor when the caffeine otherwise doesn’t affect them. “Of course, of course.” It’s good to make others laugh, it makes her feel worthwhile. “I’d rock a rainbow. An’ if there was red in there, it’d be firetruck red. Not ginger red.”

"Then I might end up liking this bubble." Good coffee. That is something she misses - Good tea, too, but to a lesser extend. Good tea is easier to find. Still, the mood feels light, easy, as if this were their own bubble. "Although if you ever dye your hair rainbow, I might just have to pretend I do not know you for this fashion faux-pas.”

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  1. Currently, my room has six items (not counting comics) representing Emma.
  2. When I was 15, my favorite author was Scott Westerfeld and his Midnighters books.
  3. I am a hoarder - I buy things preventively until I actually need them (even books. lots and lots of books)
  4. The last film I’ve seen in a cinema is Guardians of the Galaxy
  5. I am Groot. 

I tag: thebetrayedqueen prettykittyofbayville deadpoolexpress kevinkxller and anyone else wanting to do this tag!

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Today’s important message was “roots are important”. Take that as you will xDD

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❝ I am actually very curious. 


"I’m sure. I suppose I do not have to remind you what curiosity did to the cat." 

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Always Starting Over


"You have more money than me. Lived in scrapyard remember, though that was a steady job I’ll admit." Kevin adds before shrugging. "Not really sure how I’m supposed to do that, I didn’t know the psycho bitch that I ended up with wasn’t an old lady but some vampire dominatrix that wanted to rule the world. It just felt alright having someone that hadn’t seem to give up all hope, though she did have a point. Death happens." 

Her tongue ached to say that he lived in better conditions than her now, but she firmly reminded herself that this was not a competition. “You knew afterwards - And yet you decided to stay with her.” It was not completely fair. Emma knew just how convincing Selene could be when it came to manipulate young impressionable minds, or - really - anyone. She still had to know, though. “She used you. I thought you would realize this sooner, but you did not. And as far as making a point goes, Selene does not have the exclusivity on this one, no matter how much she would have loved that.”

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Blow The System


‘—I have been away’ she says after heartbeats where she can pick up sirens racing towards the disaster site; no siren is headed in their direction, and she can feel her heartbeat slow down from it’s palpitation rate, ‘I did not know if anything had changed in the politics.’

It is as much as she will say about her disappearance, and even then it feels like she’s thrown herself headfirst in ice water thinking to what happened.

But Miss Frost doesn’t know and she will never know. If she does find out, she could hold it over-only killers, bad seeds, children of villians and villians themselves, only they were taken.

‘I am just telling you.’ Laura’s nose wrinkles as the smell of burning flesh, iron and metal engulfs her like a second skin. She wonders if this is another scent that will follow her around. She’s dyed so deeply crimson, what’s another coat? ‘People died because of us.’

Innocent people.

It was a protest, it wasn’t violent until Miss Frost and her became present.

‘They were innocent.’

Away? The blonde arched an eyebrow, giving Laura a sideglance before letting her eyes trail back to the burning bodies and the cops finally – finally – coming in to do what they were paid for. She did not comment on this detail, though – partly because she knew full well Laura would not tell her any more but, mostly, because she found she did not really care whether or not the young woman had been living under a rock or taking holidays on a paradisiac island. Scratch that. This island seemed tempting.

“If anything, the politics have gotten worst.” The blonde commented, lips curling up to form a light snort of disapproval.

Still, Laura’s next words rang deep into Emma’s soul. People died – Innocent people, whose blood could come and taint Emma’s hands again. For once, she was glad she changed for a costume in black leather – It was hard to stain. “Lots of people died because of me, dear.” She then reminded the younger mutant, her eyes still fixed on what was happening as if this statement did not make her feel anything at all – It was a lie, of course, but one that Emma had perfected well. It still haunted her, though, but that hardly seemed to matter.

Today was no different, protest or not, innocents or not. This was a sad truth, but one she assumed Laura and herself both knew well.

“They were innocent.” She still confirmed, repeating Laura’s previous words as if feeling the dark-haired mutant needed to hear these words more than her. “Now, they are not. What would you have us do?”  

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"It would be a nice bubble though. Fully furnished with free wifi and endless coffee." A little levity never killed anyone, right? Nah. The dour look disappeared a few moments prior to her light comments and her posture returns to relaxed. Somehow, the more open atmosphere, one where it didn’t matter if the other X-Men saw them talking, let her be more at ease around Emma this time. There was no sneaking. "I’d definitely rock blue hair though."

Good endless coffee.” Emma retorts, letting it all slide and go back to a lighter mood because perhaps what they need today is something light, easy, preventing them from thinking about Xavier’s will, or death, or anything else really. “Otherwise, I want no part in this.” She forces a grin on her lips, and it is easier than she would have thought. So is snorting at Jubilee’s comment on dying her hair blue. “And what about pink or green, then? Would you - rock those too, or shall we leave them to Megan and Lorna ?”

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