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[ withallmypredatorheart ]

She turns away from the mirror that she’s trying on a wedding dress in front of to catch the older blonde just inside the doorway. She looks away immediately, almost like she’s embarrassed, “That door was closed for a reason.”

She stops for a few seconds, taking in Illyana’s appearance before a satisfied, insufferably amused smirk graced her lips. “Yes, and I opened it for a reason. Though I must say this exceeds my expectations.”

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Send ⁇ for a drunk text

[MSG: Emma Frostie]: habe you eve rnoticaed we hwear matchgng shortsd

[MSG: Emma Frostie]: i think you;re sjust mad weca me to savse the world in the amse bpants

[MSG: Emma Frostie]: twow can play a t that game ms frosst

{text: Illyana Rasputina}: And I think if I have to keep up this pointless argument with a drunk Russian who cruelly lacks fashion sense, you are going to need to activate your phone’s autocorrect.

{text: Illyana Rasputina}: Get Katherine, she’ll do that for you. Give it some sexual undertones if you have to. 

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( she pushes it towards her. )

     ❝ Snobby salon-quality, just like you asked.

she grabs it with the tips of her fingers, inspecting it carefully. }

"And how do I know you took the right shade of blonde, and not some horrendous and generic yellow?”

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Always Starting Over


"He tried to give me the talk once I think." Kevin shudders. "After Sex Ed from Gambit, I’m not sure I want to think about that again. Ever."

"Seems a nice enough kid even if he does seem to be crushing on Big Blue Bozo back at the other school."

Emma tried to hide her smirk - not really - but there was something so utterly out-of-place and yet so utterly himself in the idea of a young Scott Summers trying to give anyone the talk that her own arrogant amusement could not help but show. This was one of the reasons why she had fallen for Scott, after all.

"Give Remy some credit dear - at least they chose someone obviously active in that area to talk about sex ed. Would you rather have heard it from Rachel?" Still, the last part caught her interests. "Well it looks like little Scott Summers is not so innocent after all."  

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"It’s snowing and you’re in just your underwear, I’d say that’s cold."

"Well then we will call this a force of habit."

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"Free wifi an’ good coffee is my gift as empress of the bubble of non-death." At this point she was just being a goof. "Absolutely. An’ no one will be forced to wear stupid mouse ears. It’ll be fun." Emma wouldn’t be wrong, the entire scenario was already running laps in her head. "Oh yeah, of course. Maybe make Monet do it for shits an’ giggles."


Empress? I see you’re giving yourself a title now, responsibilities and all.” It is almost a nice thought, though, all joking aside, and Emma thinks that perhaps Disney Land is not as bad as she believes, despite the overpowered parents and the obnoxious children running around freely with sticky hands. “To be fair, I think I might want some of those mouse ears for Scott.” Still - “Yes. Make her go into some of the rides, even, for credibility purposes. You wouldn’t want to look suspicious, after all.”

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five-in-one said:
"That wasn’t true. Made it up. Shouldn’t have done. Sorry."




"And why exactly did you make that up?”


"If that sort of class gets us out of fighting partly organic Sentinel detritus or running through more mud -"

”- I never want to see another pit of mud at 5 AM ever again -“

”- then bring on the differential equations.”

"Personally, I think some magic markers and glitter will really tell the world what a professional underground mutant association we are. I’m so terribly excited. Really."

"Perfect. Then I will do my best to provide maths sessions in lieu of those 5 a.m training sessions. I do not make any promises about the mud, however.  And clearly, glitter is the paramount of professionalism. Though I feel like this is a conversation you should bother our resident Dazzler with - It might be a change for her to hear all about that."

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"Glad to hear it. How about the rest? How’s — How’s Kitty doing?"

"The rest? Everything is going rather perfectly. Katherine - She is settling in. I trust you know this was not an easy choice for her.”

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'Don't make yourself too comfortable' the words rung through his head because at the moment, he couldn't make too many promises but he could definitely promise that this wouldn't be anything he considered comfortable. Talking about his emotions and talking about the past were two things that he never considered 'comfortable' in the least.

"Remember when you told me that day that you missed being in my head because it felt safe? That was the last and only time we’ve ever really talked and I don’t mean about business or the school, I mean really talked. Everything else is just awkward post break up stuff and it’s not fair for me to just sweep everything under the rug and act like nothing happened. It did.” He sighed starting to fidget with his fingers a little, something the only did when he was nervous.

"I’m a leader, when I make decisions I try to make sure they’re ones I won’t regret later and the same goes for my actions, I always want them to be ones I won’t wish I could take back. But when I think about you and just how much I hurt you, that’s what I regret. You were right when you said all you did was love me and what did I give you back? Pain. I can’t take back what I’ve done and you may never forgive me, I understand that but I can’t let you even think for a second that I’m not sorry or that I don’t care. I do care, I’ll always care." 

Her lips opened slightly, the words ‘don’t’ starting to form on them before Emma thought better of it, of herself. The last time she had used them, he had not let her finish that sentence, she remembered acidly – This time, though, it was her the one who did not wish to end it. It would have been childish, selfish in a way Emma was trying not to be, that to ask him to not bring about this subject or try to invalidate his feelings towards what had happened – No matter how much of it was actually her own fault

“It is not fair.” She agreed. “But then again, most things rarely are and you do not have to be – That title of leader might look great on you, but it hardly makes you any less of a flawed human being.”

And yet here he was – And perhaps this was not the apology Emma had always thought she wanted, but he was saying he cared and it all looked strikingly like self-blame and if there was one thing Emma could not stand – especially not from someone so extraordinary like Scott Summers -, it was self-blame. That, and people who wore white without being capable of eating properly.

She had done such a splendid job at pretending to ignore it all - Her next words would undeniably feel like throwing all of this away. It was the least she could do for him – Not the leader, the teacher, the almost depowered revolutionary, but him, as emotionally bare with her as he had been before they were through. “No, darling – You are a leader. It means you have to live with the decisions you make regardless of the consequences, especially the ones you regret. This is not the blame game – And if you expect it to be, if you expect anything from me, then it is an insult enough in itself for me to throw you out of my room and make sure everyone here gossips about it tomorrow. I had psychic sex with Namor while he destroyed a whole Nation and bragged about it. I think I wanted him to destroy Wakanda.” She wasn’t sure. At the time, it had seemed like everything was just a burning, ever lasting fire that always threatened to swallow her whole. “Let us settle on the fact we both were loosing control and are both accountable for our actions. I would have done and I did anything to hurt you, to get something out of you. It does not mean what you did hurt any less or that I understand your motivations, but I do not think what we did was about us hating each other. If anything, it was perhaps because we cared too much.” This was the hard part to admit, Emma knew. “And the fact we still do makes us both raging idiots.”   

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