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"We really could." It is all she can say. She had gotten better with coing over the loss as the years had gone by. She wasn’t just masking anymore, she was moving on, slowly but surely. It isn’t something she’d ever truly be over, but the depression that she hid from everyone over they years had greatly lessened. So she speaks of them with great pride, to keep their memory alive even if they weren’t. "It’d be easier. I don’t want my mind lying to me an’ giving me false hopes. I’ve done that song an’ dance too many times." She glances down at the box of things. "I’m not Hope, am I?"

She does not add anything on the matter of Jubilee’s parents, either, though it certainly feels like the people who mattered never loose their importance – even in death. It is a concept Emma is painfully familiar with, but not one she necessarily likes to dwell on. It feels too much like rubbing salt into an old wound. “We all have – Too many people have been lost to try and keep an accurate headcount by now, and most people would consider your coping mechanism to be rather healthy, no matter how hard it is. It is keeping their memory alive in some way.” She took a few seconds of consideration before finally answering – “No, you are not. And on this note, you will just have to promise me never to die your hair red.”

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Teon always had to resist the urge to ask the terrifying blonde woman to mate with him. She might not be able to harm him with her telepathy, but she still made him very nervous. “Hrn.”

Emma’s tongue clicked sharply against her palate and she glanced over Teon - Hope’s former teammate, and probably the one that had been the most devoted to the redhead, regardless of why - before her crisp voice filled the air between them. Perhaps Teon could not form answers she would deem satisfactory, but he could understand. “Indeed. Other than that, I don’t suppose you would know where Hope currently is?”

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❝ Why do you need such expensive shoes? 

{snorts} "Please."

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if we mutually follow and we dont rp there’s obviously something wrong there

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    { it’s a lot E A S I E R
       to keep your guard
       up & say
                                    —— ‘I don’t care,
                                                    I don’t care,
                                                             I don’t care…’ }

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Reblog if one of your favorite characters has ever died.

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